Are you planning to exhibit in a trade show? How to make sure that your booth attracts visitors?

1) Right look and right feel - Your booth is an excellent opportunity to display your brand image to visitors. The impressive looks and the feel of your stall are determined by the objective you have set for that particular show – selling, marketing or brand image. Carefully select the posters, banners and the product to display to stimulate the image; you want to build.


2) Rehearse it out – Before entering the exhibition arena, assemble the stall at workplace in order to get the idea of what else can be incorporated and what can be left out to make sure that you aren’t ready to make it a miss but  are ready to avail the opportunity.


3) Be focused on what you want - Jot down main goals for the show and create crisp and clear brief for signage companies, stand builders and equipment supplier firms. Hence, being goal-oriented and focused to attract the target visitors.


4) Be experimental – Ditch the traditional ways of exhibiting. Go on experimenting with lighting, sound & screens, presentations, posters, banners and signages. Don’t forget to follow the same path as that of visitors to understand the visuals of the booth.


5) Take care of your pocket- Make sure you don’t spend loads of money over exhibition or trade show, no need to always order new material. Watch out for the ones that you already have and that can be refurbished for the exhibition stall.


6) Keep an eye out on giveaways- Most of the companies spend heavily on giveaways. So make yours worth. Often the giveaways or freebies aren’t related to brands message. And, therefore, if you want to shower gifts, choose apt and unforgettable branded merchandise, which would ultimately cater to market your business.